To go on a pilgrimage means to be on a journey.
A journey that involves the discovery of places and emotions,
but also the rediscovery of oneself and one's spirituality.

The Pilgrim routes

In Cammino is an itinerary of the spirit, of culture, of art and of the sustainable economy.

Along the roads of the Via Francigena, In cammino proposes a choir journey through the most important Abbeys of Europe, which will become theatres of culture, mutual enrichment, and places of study and revitalized thought, especially through artistic experiences and performances.

The project’s duration, three years, from 2023 to 2025, ideally follows a path aimed at the next Jubilee, seeing Rome as the final destination to gather and organize all the ideas, reflections, and insights promoted and collected along the In cammino journey.

The In cammino project develops along two main trajectories over three years:

    • The Abbeys, tangible signs of a historical continuity spanning from the Middle Ages to our days.
    • The pilgrims’ routes, among which the Via Francigena, symbolic paths that unite the history and culture of Europe.

The Abbeys “In Cammino” 2024


Germany | Bavaria
24 February 2024
Theme: Earth
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Scourmont | Belgium
22 April 2024
Theme: Water

Photo: ©WBT - Antoine Davister

The Abbeys “In Cammino” 2023

Abbey of Saint Augustin

England | Canterbury
July 28, 2023
Theme : Travel/Pilgrimages

Clairvaux Abbey

Italy | Milan
September 15, 2023
Theme: Spirituality

St. Gallen Abbey

Switzerland | St. Gallen
29 November 2023
Theme: Silence


Italy | Padula
December 21, 2023
Theme: Beauty

Programme “In Cammino” 2023/2025

• July 21, 2023 – First stage of the route

Canterbury Abbey (Great Britain)

• September 15, 2023 – Second stage of the journey

Chiaravalle Abbey Milanese (Italy)

• November 29, 2023 – Third stage of the journey
Abbey of St. Gallen (Switzerland)
• December 21, 2023 – Fourth stage of the route
Certosa di Padula (Italy)

• February 24, 2024 – Fifth stage of the route
Plankstetten Abbey (Germany)

• April 22, 2024 – Sixth stage of the route
Abbey Notre-Dame de Scourmont (Belgium)

• April 23, 2024 – Seventh stage of the route
Notre-Dame d’Orval Abbey (Belgium)

• March 2025 – Ninth stage of the route
Hautvilliers Abbey (France)

• May 2025 – Tenth stage of the route
Fulda Abbey (Germany)

• July 2025 – Eleventh stage of the route
Sacra di San Michele (Italy)

• September 2025 – Twelfth stage of the route
Lérins Abbey (France)

• December 2025 – Thirteenth stage of the route
Abbey in the process of being defined (Lazio)