About Us

About Us

Association In Cammino Giubileo 2025

The pandemic and the war have deeply shaken Europe and the world. They have torn apart the veil of the idea of a wealthy and self-referential West, proud of its lasting peace in the face of a planet now mired in increasingly fratricidal wars.

Now more than ever, there is a need to set out on a journey, to rethink ourselves, to recover the strength of an idea of progress that seems to be fading, but one that humans have been and are still capable of. And “being on the move warms up.” That’s right: the warmth of encounters, community, and sharing becomes an idea, a culture, and a spirit. It is from here that the dream of a universal Journey is born, which, by retracing the places of history, culture, and religions, through the tools of reflection, thought, word, and the beauty of art (which has always been the symbol and union of the values of peoples), serves as a premise for a constructive dialogue and cooperation among human beings.

No'hma Theater Space

No’hma was born in 1994 from actress and dramatist Teresa Pomodoro. It’s been directed since 2008 by her sister Livia Pomodoro.

No’hma is an ancient greek word, which means “thought”, and “feeling” at the same time (from “νοῦς”, which is mind and spirit, and  “αἷμα”, which is blood): this double meaning reppresents the ambition of this Theatre to be led with both passion and ideas.

Since its birth, Teatro No’Hma has been in first line to protect an idea of Culture characterized by sharing, inclusion and solidarity. International companies, coming from every part of the world; the tehnological innovation allowed the Theatre to manage the pandemic situation by Streaming and to succeed in OnLife format opening; urban refunctionalisation and recovery have ever been Teatro No’Hma’s inspirational targets.

Entrace to the shows is always free.

About Us

“No’Hma – In Cammino” Cultural Association, borns in 2023 to promote and organize “In Cammino”, an international event conceived on occasion of 2025 Jubilee by Mrs. Livia Pomodoro, the president of Teatro No’Hma.

The main task of this project is to identify, organize and realize all the program’s events, consiting in theatre and music performances, conferences, meetings and exploration of different regions’ wonderful territories and gastronomy in order to propose the theme of sustainibility. This project’s purpose is to allow people to live an unforgettable experience from the beginning of the journey, to the ending stage which will be in Rome, in 2025 concurrently with the holy year.

The Association is directed by Tonino Bettanini, who will take charge of the single and three years program organization, concerning setting, logistics and media communication, with the participation and consultancy of various experts and authorities related to each part of the project.

Partecipants in the In Cammino project:
Giuditta Albanese
Antonio Bettanini
Allegra De Baggis
Luigi Marsiglia
Giovanni Santilio
Simone De Rita
Lo staff No’hma
Ufficio Stampa:
Antonio Bettanini
Clizia Gurrado