In cammino a journey through European Abbeys

In cammino a journey through European Abbeys

In cammino a journey through European Abbeys

June 14, 2023

In cammino

a journey through European Abbeys

Presentation Press Conference

Wednesday, June 28, 2023 at 11 AM

Spadolini Hall, via Del Collegio Romano 27, Rome



Pro-Prefect of the Dicastery for the Evangelization,

Section for the Fundamental Issues of Evangelization in the World


President of Spazio Teatro No’hma


General Manager of Performing Arts – Ministry of Culture

In cammino” will come to life in the timeless setting of Europe’s most significant and prestigious abbeys. It is a special initiative conceived by Livia Pomodoro and promoted by the “GIUBILEO 2025 – No’hma in cammino” Association. Over a period of three years, from July 2023 until the Jubilee year of 2025, it will make stops at these evocative places, rich in history, art, and spirituality. These beacons of civilization have illuminated the darkest years of our continent from the Middle Ages to the present day.

This modern pilgrimage will depart on July 28th from Canterbury, the starting point of the Via Francigena, marked by Bishop Sigeric just before the year 1000. It will culminate in Rome in 2025 during the Holy Year.

Over this intense three-year period, 14 important abbeys in Europe will be visited, spanning 7 countries (United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy). Each stop will consist of a three-day event held within architecturally stunning, mostly UNESCO heritage sites. The events will include theatrical and musical performances, recitals, and readings by world-renowned artists. They will be inspired by proposed words and themes that both laypeople and religious individuals will debate, centred around the idea of travel and the practice of pilgrimage, both in the past and present. There will also be discussions and encounters with renowned speakers, experts, and scholars, showcasing exemplary practices from the organic world.

In cammino” will revisit the three main experiences of any trip during each of the three years: the departure (2023), the journey (2024), and the arrival (2025). Each individual stop will be themed around a word (ranging from pilgrimage to mercy, silence to beauty), serving as an active guiding thread for performances, concerts, and meetings organized in the various abbeys. On the way is a choral journey through the most important abbeys in Europe. In each stage, a dialogue-meditation or a representation inspired by a keyword that declines and interprets the idea of the journey will be proposed. A collaboration process is in progress with the Treccani Institute to enhance and sanction this linguistic and philological research.

An important initiative accompanying the entire three-year journey involves the establishment of an orchestra that will gradually take shape, involving musicians and students from the conservatories in the areas of the abbeys themselves. The In cammino orchestra will initially be based on the Archimia string quartet, a longstanding reference point of the Spazio No’hma Theatre, culminating in Rome in 2025 with a full orchestral ensemble performing an original composition written for the occasion by Maestro Fabio Vacchi, one of the most highly acclaimed and internationally awarded composers.

In cammino” is among the events selected by the Vatican for the Jubilee 2025, whose motto is ‘Pilgrims of Hope’.

“It’s not just a journey through Europe along the paths travelled by pilgrims of the past and present,” emphasizes Livia Pomodoro, President of the No’hma Theatre in Milan,

and the initiative’s creator. “It’s a journey of the heart and mind that combines reason and faith, rediscovery and respect for the environment, under the banner of hope for a better future for our continent and our planet. In each abbey, we will bring a small yet immense symbolic sign of peace, culture, dialogue, solidarity, and brotherhood because we firmly believe that true rebirth of humanity can once again emanate from these places, as it did in a not-so-distant past”.

The European Association of the Via Francigena (EAVF), sponsored by the Council of Europe, and the network of Organic Cities committed to promoting sustainable practices in the circular economy, will come along the journey of “In cammino”.

“We are confident that the In Cammino initiative can serve as a valuable tool for reflection for all the sensibilities it is set to encounter along its rich itinerary”, explains His Excellency Monsignor Rino Fisichella. “Its wealth will become an instrument for enhancing the many realities it will encounter. Furthermore, we are pleased that the theme of this Jubilee, succinctly and effectively represented by the motto ‘Pilgrims of Hope’, has been fully embraced in the realization of this project”.


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